ARE Architect Study Materials Ballast Kaplan 4.0

Successful exam preparation requires the best resources, and the ARE Review Manual gives you the power to pass all seven divisions of the ARE. This one book, updated to the 2007 AIA documents and the 2009 International Building Code, provides you with a complete and comprehensive review of the content areas covered on the ARE divisions. Additional chapters covering basic mathematics, important building regulations, and barrier-free design supplement your preparation regime.

ARE Divisions Covered

Building Systems
Building Design & Construction Systems
Construction Documents & Services
Programming, Planning, & Practice
Schematic Design
Site Planning & Design
Structural Systems
Prepare to Pass All Seven Divisions of the ARE with

a thorough review of all the content areas covered
hundreds of tables and figures
exam advice to help you avoid common mistakes
guidelines to effectively focus your preparation
a revised edition with updated codes and standards.

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